Hire Me!

Thank you for coming and reading my blog’s content. If you might think how I write is good and I deserve to get employed by you then let me know.

For your information, I’m an English Literature graduate and recently accomplished my master degree in the same major, English Lit. I get used to writing various genres. I could write a good blog content for you, or write and proofread scientific papers if necessary. In a nutshell, my general specialty is language, both Indonesian and English. Correcting misspelling, grammatical errors, and the like are some of what I can do. I also like to write articles with uncommon ideas, which I do to motivate people to think in a different way. I love to write creatively.

These are some ways to contact me:
email : akhlispurnomo@gmail.com
twitter : @akhlispurnomo
facebook : akhlispurnomo

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