After you learn the brief history and basics of hangeul (한글), now it’s your turn to practice.While doing the homework below, try not to open any books or anything to get the answer.

Instruction: Change the hangeul into Latin alphabets, and vice versa.
Example (보기)
천국의계단 = cheon-gug e gye-dan
ji-ha-cheol = 지하철
(For your information, cheongug e gyedan means “Stairway to Heaven”. I’m pretty sure if you’re one of those Korean drama freaks, you’re already familiar with this phrase. Ok now onto the business!)

1. ga-ge
2. seo-jeom
3. gyeong-chal-seo
4. san
5. gu-reum
6. hae
7. bu-okh
8. don
9. sijang
10. phyonji
11. 한식집
12. 공장
13. 극장
14. 식당
15. 대나무
17. 포장마차
18. 연필
19. 선풍기
20. 가울

You may do this homework on your own or else if you want me to correct or check, send your answers to my email address (akhlispurnomo@gmail.com). I promise to check and response your email.

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