After the previous brief post on hangeul, now let’s discuss the consonants in a more intensive way. Consonants in Korean are divided into two groups; i.e. single and double consonants.

The first group is already shown on the previous post, but for the sake of recalling our memory, try to take a look at this.

  1. ㄱ (g, k) is called giyeuk
  2. ㄴ (n) is called nieun
  3.  ㄷ (d, t) is called digeut
  4. ㄹ (r, l) is called rieul
  5. ㅁ (m) is called mieum
  6. ㅂ (b, p) is called bieup
  7. ㅅ (s, t) is called sieut
  8. ㅇ (voiceless, ng) is called ee-yeung
  9. ㅈ (j, t) is called jieut
  10. ㅊ (ch, t) is called chieut
  11. ㅋ (k) is called kieuk
  12. ㅌ (t) is called tieut
  13. ㅍ (p) is called pieup 
  14. ㅎ (h, t) is called hieut
You might feel confused why some of these letters have two alternative pronunciations. Ok, let me explain simply by giving you some examples. These consonants must be spelled differently based on position.

1. ㄱ
initial : 강습 (gang-seup)
final   : 역 (yeok)
2. ㄷ
initial : 다음 (da-eum)
final : 잗 (jat)
3. ㄹ
initial : 라면 (ra-myon)
final : 거실(geo-si)
4. ㅂ
initial : 바람 (ba-ram)
final : 장갑 (jang-gap)
5. ㅇ
initial : 이름 (i-reum)
final : 노래방 (no-rae-bang)
6. ㅎ
initial : 한국 ( han-guk)
final : 밯 (bat)
7. ㅅ
initial : 손 (son)
final : 이것 (i-geot)
8. ㅈ
initial : 중국 (jung-guk)
final : 맞 (mat)
9. ㅊ
initial : 춥다 (chubda)
final : 몇(myeot)

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  1. puarambe.com says:

    It seems little bit difficult but better I try.Hmm…lulusan jur. bahasa korea yah

  2. akhlis says:

    nggak,jurusan sastra inggris,tapi baru2 ini bljr bhs korea :)고맙다(gomapta=thanks)

  3. Tuntun Arto says:

    This a good information to who want to learn Korean ,yah Most Korean use their own language for computer OS may be they use their language for bloggingI just want to say "anyeong haesseyo"This just my little experience when I was in Korea .Great blog bro keep writing………..

  4. akhlis says:

    @tuntun arto:안녕!You've ever been in Korea?그래요?wow..teach me some Korean then.btw, thanks for dropping by!

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