I used to think some folks are lucky enough to be born with writing skill. To me, what I feel when seeing people writing lots of short stories,  thick novels, superb blogs is like what an ugly dwarf feels when gazing at a slender, tall, gorgeous figure of Italian model. It’s sad but true, but then it dawned on me that the wretched dwarf can get some adept cosmetic surgeons to make a major, massive, total and thorough change of look! Weird analogy, haha..But the point I’m trying to make here is that writing ability is NOT a rare innate skill. It’s in fact a craft anyone can acquire, learn, study. At least that’s what I read in The Oxford Guide to Writing.

Here, in Indonesia, where anyone is more familiar with oral and audio-visual cultural products like songs, TV series, movies, etc; writing and reading tend to be less prioritized. Not many Indonesians intend to be a writer, author, or blogger, as far as I know. Writing is not taught in Indonesian schools, simply because (in my humble opinion) writing isn’t a skill going to be assessed in the National Examinations or UAN. Why must we sweat for something “unnecessary” to learn? Probably that’s what those elementary and high school students have on mind. The technology development is even aggravating the situation. People don’t write letters anymore, they prefer calling, have a chat/ IM on cell phone, etc.
But apart from what has been said, writing is worth learning. I’m not saying I’m an accomplished writer with lots of successfully published best-seller novels or books. Rather, I take this as  a chance to encourage other people and especially myself, to keep learning how to write well. So? Let’s write, shall we?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Zippy says:

    Thx 4 visit my Blog bro…Hmmm, keren2…Gak tw diriku dilahirkan sebagai orang yg mempunyai skill menulis atw tdk, hhehhehe….

  2. genial says:

    absen dulu kang… 1jam lg baru komen… di telaah dulu 😦

  3. Tuntun Arto says:

    Yeah great blog ,perfect English

  4. akhlis says:

    @zippy:gak usah tau tp kan dah terbukti..:)@genial: ok,i'm waiting(dah 1jam kok ga balik2??)@tuntun arto:makasih..u too 🙂

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