September 2009

  • Faith Commercialization

    Watching some great talkshows like Today’s Dialogue, Save Our Nation (both are aired by Metro TV) and Tatap Muka (produced by TV One) featuring greatly influential figures has become one of my hobbies. Freshly invigorating opinions, warm exchange of ideas,  so many things to get from the shows but sadly I fail to find the… Continue reading

  • The Bleakest Point of My Blogging Journey

    It has been 3 days since the last time I posted my last article. I had almost no time for this blog as I got absorbed by  my efforts to get over the fatigue I had been suffering from. If you may notice, something weird is happening on my homepage. Yes, my right column is… Continue reading

  • 3 Steps to Stay Wrinkle-Free

    For both men and women (as there are now more men paying more attention to their appearance),  having wrinkled skin face is clearly uncool. And it is kind of easy to get some anti-wrinkle advice from experts, like stay out of the sun, moisturize, don’t smoke. But as I read Real age , I discovered… Continue reading

  • Restoring My Feeble Reading Mood

    Don’t know why it’s harder for me to find some alluring ideas to be my post. So I’m now back to basic, I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been doing since this afternoon. Going to a department store with some relatives is what I just did. While they were having fun, sightseeing, and… Continue reading

  • Things to Learn during ‘Mudik’

    Of all socio-cultural phenomena I’ve ever encountered, ‘mudik’ is apparently the most colossal and massive in number of participants. I am never actively involved in this ‘mudik’ euphoria myself. I’m merely a  bystander, a passive spectator, who is constantly listening to how hectic and screwed up ‘mudik’ has become lately. Traffic accident here, traffic jam… Continue reading

  • Outsmarting Eye Strain

    Nowadays there’s nothing strange with seeing people staring closely at screens and monitors. Much of humans’ life now is revolving around electronic devices. Hand phones, pagers, laptops, netbooks, panel controls, all of them have monitors or screens for people to look at. There’re more and more people suffering from back pain, tense neck, and most… Continue reading

  • Hi people!

    As Ramadhan was closer to its end, something happened to my body. I found myself less energetic, I even got a slight fever occasionally, I recovered and suddenly it was recurring yesterday. I felt like I was so unfit. I felt cold when other people around me felt hot.Last night the whole ailment was aggravating… Continue reading

  • Pandeglang: A Hidden Pearl on Java

    Some people might wonder where Pandeglang is, or even worse, never knew that Pandeglang really exists or is listed by cartographers on the Indonesian maps. i am indonesian but I do not think it is shameful to say that I have no idea about Pandeglang whereabouts. However, thanks to a site called, I am… Continue reading

  • Monetizing Your English Grammar and Writing Skills

    When someone is pretty much dissatisfied with their current income or just finds himself sacked owing to the crisis, the idea of getting a side job is naturally tempting. No one can resist extra income, can they? What I’m trying to write is my own personal experience about how to make some money from my… Continue reading

  • Past Continuous/ Past Progressive

    It’s used to express something that began in the past and was in progress at a particular time in the past. For instance, it was 7:00 p.m., the TV show began. I started to make a tart cake at 6:55 p.m. and it would take me an hour to finish making it. I was making… Continue reading

  • How Passion can Transform Your Blog

    The title above is actually a title of guest posting written by Leo Babauta at Darren Rowse’s The theme is somewhat hackneyed, I must admit, but some people may still find it useful.  In his post, Babauta was preaching in great details how critical the role of passion in each of our blogging activities… Continue reading

  • Blogging in English: Dollars or Nationalism?

    I’m not talking about bloggers who are living in English speaking countries, like the US, England, Australia, etc; or some other bloggers who live in countries other than the mentioned above, but are lucky enough to get themselves exposed to English on a daily basis. Who I’m talking about here is a group of Indonesian… Continue reading