I happened to watch a talkshow on Metro TV. Some men were fervently discussing about how to purchase a good netbook.  “Hmmm, think I gotta watch this…”. Then I texted someone to watch it, as I know he’s longed for a notebook since forever but his budget doesn’t permit. He writes a lot  and pursues a dream of being an accomplished and wealthy author like J. K. Rowling. So I think buying a netbook is the best solution for him. It was Monday morning and he replied my text saying, “You know I love my bulky desktop, coz I can’t afford to buy a notebook. desktop isn’t portable but at the very least it’s financially friendly to me….” I was wondering whether he had hangover that morning or heavily drunk or just woke up and texted me back while regaining consciousness. I replied patiently, ” Netbook…not notebook. They’re different, dude”.

Onto business, let’s take a look at its specifications:

  • smaller size, lighter weight
  • armed with Intel Atom processor
  • no optical drive (external DVD writer sold separately; approx. costs IDR 700,000)
  • 3G built-in modem
  • slots: USB ports, bluetooth
  • webcam (resolution ranging from 0.3 to 1.3 MP)
  • screen diagonal: 7′-10′
  • office softwares ready
  • Wi-Fi
  • more affordable prices (starting from IDR 3 million)
  • battery (3 cells-3hours/ 6 cells-6 hours)

Some say the down economy we’re experiencing now has triggered the skyrocketing fame of netbooks among users. Forget the space consuming desktop, or the unaffordable, wide and heavy laptop, since netbooks provide you the ease of mobility. The competitive pricing of netbooks positively contributes to the potential buyers’ shift of opinion. The second notebook market is gradually losing its edge simply because buying a brand new gadget is easier than selecting second hand notebooks. Unlike buying a new good, you have to sweat just to compare one to another, and maybe make a little, not-so-profound research about the specs. It’s time consuming! With IDR 3 million ready in your hand, you can grab a netbook produced by local manufacturers.
Some flaws we must be aware of are the less user friendly recovery method (with the absence of DVD writer, inserting driver CD is impossible), lower quality and non-upgradable feature of VGA (which makes gaming is less convenient), separately sold hardwares (modem and DVD writer, which means more burden on budget!).
The invited experts also suggested some tips to maintain netbook performance and lengthen its durability.
  • avoid over-charging: never leave your netbook (and notebook or any electronic devices you have) recharged and connected to the power supply longer than necessary. Unplug as soon as the battery is fully recharged. You save earth by saving energy and save your dear device too, at the same time.
  • buy a thicker softcase: in case you drop your netbook, the thick softcase may absorb the shock that may result in netbook’s failure to work properly.
  • make sure it’s turned off: always make sure your netbook is off when you keep it in the softcase because the heat resulted by the netbook may destruct the components.

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