October 2009

  • On Buying a New Laptop

    This laptop is the one I am using now , which is  named Compaq Presario V3803.  At the first time I saw it in store I thought it was just perfect, classy, glossy, it seemed to have everything it took to be my eternal gadget friend. As time went by, however, I realized how heavy… Continue reading

  • Open Source: Some Basics to Know

    The first decade of twentieth century is just about to end next year and let’s take a look at how much technology has changed  human civilization. The Internet always makes amazingly rapid progress even when we are shutting our eyelids. New inventions pop out, novel ideas run amazingly fast and inconceivable breakthrough is continually made. Really,… Continue reading

  • 81st Youth Pledge Commemoration: What is the Essence?

    Today is Oct 28, which means this is our 81st commemoration of Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda). Seeing on Metro TV some Indonesian girls and boys being asked by the reporter “Can you mention correctly three points of Youth Pledge?”. Most of them were giving the wrong answer, showing their teeth while grinning in front of… Continue reading

  • TrueColor Blog Competition 2009

    I opened my twitter account and somehow I discovered Raditya Dika’s twitter page and spotted one of his tweets saying: “Nyambung sama Hari Blogger Nasional, ada kompetisi blog berhadiah 50 juta rupiah. Gw salah satu jurinya. Hoho. Here: http://bit.ly/6g2Pe.“  For anyone interested in taking part in the contest, try to browse this page. You can… Continue reading

  • National Bloggers Day + My Birthday = October 27th

    Hello guys, regardless of being blogger or not, don’t you know that today (Oct 27) is Indonesian National Bloggers Day??! Never knew before? Well, now you know. And what makes it more exciting and thrilling is the fact that I celebrate my birthday on the exactly similar daywhen the Indonesian blogggers are celebrating their national… Continue reading

  • Pornography Filter

    Having kids with overflowing curiosity is fun as it means your kids are keen to learn anything s/he hasn’t known. And it may mean your kids are geniuses. Read some famous scientists and well-known figures who confessed to be  quite naughty, experimental and ‘annoying’ly curious when they were kids. But what if your kids are… Continue reading

  • Pesta Blogger 2009

    I dedicate this writing to Pesta Blogger 2009, an event I just missed. It took place yesterday (Oct 24, 2009) and sadly it was in Jakarta, which is much too far away from where I live. However, my absence in the event doesn’t stop me writing something about this lovely festivity. I browsed the web… Continue reading

  • Surfing the Internet = Sharper Brain

    It’s such good news for those who are really into the virtual world to solve their problems. This morning I opened my email inbox to discover an email alert redirecting to this article. It was explained that  surfing the web is beneficial for our grey cells. But how? These two simple points may serve as… Continue reading

  • Anies Baswedan: A Young Rector with Liberated Mind (part1)

    If this is the first time you hear the name ‘Anies Baswedan’, it might be assumed that you’re not quite familiar with Indonesian academic world. This very man is absolutely one of the remarkable figures in the country. Farhan the famous TV presenter got him on the show  “Tatap Muka” and interviewed him on his campus,… Continue reading

  • The Art of Waiting

    Nothing can be more annoying than waiting. Don’t you realize even life is waiting? Life is waiting for death, basically. When your waiting for something good seems hopeless and endless and fruitless, perhaps what you can just do is waiting, and definitely praying for divine help. Any miracle will happen. Who knows? Things are just… Continue reading

  • Award: What It Means to Me

    It has been more than a week since the day when my fellow blogger (blogger ingusan) gave me the award. I still have no idea what to do with the award given to me. I am completely blind to what an award is, and most importantly, how to share the award I got. Because it’s… Continue reading

  • Google Wave: One More Breakthrough of Real-Time Communication

    Just like a real tsunami wave, Google Wave is now ready to sweep the world. This is new to some, oh no, most of internet users I guess. Don’t know what Google Wave is?  Or you heard it once but never knew what it is actually for? This quotation I got from the official site… Continue reading