Like Father, Like Son

I was just home minutes ago with my mouth agape and red. Not because of  awe, shock, dismay or disbelief but because I had a bowl of hot soup as my dinner. I love hot food but that soup was absolutely beyond my definition of ‘hot’.
So here I am not going to talk about the soup but instead, I am about to  elaborate  something about the food seller. As usual, I went to my favorite food stall. It was not a luxurious food stall where everyone going there is a savvy executive or wealthy men riding his limousine. It was modest, if I cannot say ‘plain’.
I took a seat on the floor (no chair is provided, so it is like Japanese restaurant in some way) after having ordered some meals. The food seller named Muh (I have no idea about his full name, who cares anyway? That’s all that matters)  was cooking in front of me and having some small chat with a middle-aged lady curious about his previous years of his life. To cut a long story short, I eavesdropped  heard some pieces of what they both were grumbling about. Muh told her his late dad passed away in 1999, and ever since he has tried to continue what his dad was doing, i.e. running a food stall, just like what he does now. What really made me touched was when this seemingly poor guy quipped “I am just trying to continue what dad had done and after all, none of my  younger siblings wants to do this, ma’am.” Oh, poor him, he spoke like he never had a choice.
The point is, must we become someone like our father (or in general, our parents)? We already share his whole DNAs and now should we be his copycat, too?
This is also a problem I am perpetually facing, setting my own career as an education practitioner and a government civil servant seems so unlikely to happen for me. I don’t know why I hate being the follower of my parents (both of them are teachers and govt civil servants). There is an urge inside pushing me to set the trend instead of following the trend. But again, I don’t know why it looks like the harder I want to stay away from that world, the farther I get swept away by the sucking power of that world.

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