Award: What It Means to Me

It has been more than a week since the day when my fellow blogger (blogger ingusan) gave me the award. I still have no idea what to do with the award given to me. I am completely blind to what an award is, and most importantly, how to share the award I got. Because it’s an award based on friendship among bloggers, I give it to some fellow bloggers whose blog I once visited or  who ever visited my blog and left some words on my comment box.

Here they are:

  1. Blogger ingusan 
  2. Zippy 
  3. Puarambe 
  4. Abid Famasya 
  5. Indrow 
  6. Iklangratis 
  7. Pancallok 
  8. Mas Doyok 
  9. Scholarshipinternational 
  10. Genial

Thank you pals, the award means a lot to me! And today my Alexa rank is turning 6 digits (936,520) after two months writing this blog. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abid Famasya says:

    hey.. thanks very muchI'm finding to someone who interest to re-send it..

  2. Congratulation for the award you've was a kind of friendship among the bloggers, to keep in touch with them and a symbol of an appreciation .best regards.

  3. akhlis says:

    @abid: Hey don't mention it. Sorry buddy, rephrase your last sentence please. I don't get your point. What are u trying to say? Someone who is interested in resending it? That may be what u meant ^_^@bunda: No offense, but your English is impressive, bunda. I Like that! I love English,but no one in my family loves it. My mom even hates English and has hated it since her school days decades ago. Ughh, what a shame.I guess it's cool to have a chat with our family members in English but I can't.

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