The Art of Waiting

Nothing can be more annoying than waiting. Don’t you realize even life is waiting? Life is waiting for death, basically. When your waiting for something good seems hopeless and endless and fruitless, perhaps what you can just do is waiting, and definitely praying for divine help. Any miracle will happen. Who knows? Things are just getting worse when you get impatient. You get drained physically, emotionally, and the problem remains unsolved. What a waste! So when things just get out of hand then what you eventually can do is facing the problem with smile, and waiting again. Life doesn’t got the way we want at times, and it’s normal. As life isn’t our slave. Stay positive and hope things swim back to normalcy!
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  1. azky says:

    waiting for such a true love is actually killing me… he he.

  2. akhlis says:

    Sometimes true love is not a thing to be waited for, it's something to be made, created!And too many people use the term 'true love' and I hear it like thousand times a day, so I start to think that true love is kind of myth. It never exists on earth actually, other than in fairy tales and TV series, and romantic movies. I prefer real love to true love.And anyway, why must we talk about true love? It's totally out of context. I mentioned nothing about true love in my post above.

  3. azky says:

    this is actually my turn to make it totally out of the context… hehe. to make you write more, then i can learn more..

  4. angga says:

    thanks… it's a good article

  5. bundadontworry says:

    waiting will become such a nice thing, when we know what we are waiting for……….best regards.

  6. akhlis says:

    @azky: Oh,such a sly girl you are becoming now huh? playing the devil's advocate role to bring the worst from the discussion ^_^@angga: thanks, though I actuallu don't know what you thank for.@bunda:such an honor to have you here, on my plain blog ^_^ hope this won't be your last visit,bunda

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