Anies Baswedan: A Young Rector with Liberated Mind (part1)

If this is the first time you hear the name ‘Anies Baswedan’, it might be assumed that you’re not quite familiar with Indonesian academic world. This very man is absolutely one of the remarkable figures in the country. 
Farhan the famous TV presenter got him on the show  “Tatap Muka” and interviewed him on his campus, the University of Paramadina. They were talking about some worthnoting issues this nation is dealing with now.

Baswedan made a good point when he was asked about the best resources the nation has now. He explicated that we start to think that our best resources are not natural resources which someday will be totally used up. Rather, he stated the best resources Indonesia has are its people, citizens, inhabitants! Indonesian people must be more educated in years to come. With that said, he expected Indonesian young generation take more responsibility for their own future  by setting their goals to the future, and of course never waste their overflowing energy for something not worth it like doing drugs, free sex, etc.
But what I love most is the phrase he uttered :

Focus on how significant our contribution is to this nation, not on what role we can grab and play

To elaborate the phrase, he took an actor as an example. It’s not a big deal what kind of character or cast an actor is playing, but what matters most is how well an actor can play just any characters  the director has given without causing the audience bored or uninterested. Good point, touche!

3 responses to “Anies Baswedan: A Young Rector with Liberated Mind (part1)”

  1. Blogger Ingusan Avatar
    Blogger Ingusan

    Hi bro.. Yup..I've never seen him before. I think He's looking too young as a rector 🙂

  2. thank you for visiting my blog recently.Mr, Anis may be look young for his position as a rector in Paramadina , but his mind is great one for young people to get their destiny to regards.

  3. @BI: Now you have (seen him). Haha..what is age? He may look too young but what is important here is that he is competent, capable of executing the job as a leader. You know what? Age is only digits of number. How old we are depends on how we feel about ourselves. We're old when we think we're old. We're young when we think we're young. It's just a matter of different angle..^_^@bunda: You're welcome, and thank you for dropping by and leaving some comments as well. It means a lot, it does ^_^

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