Pesta Blogger 2009

I dedicate this writing to Pesta Blogger 2009, an event I just missed. It took place yesterday (Oct 24, 2009) and sadly it was in Jakarta, which is much too far away from where I live. However, my absence in the event doesn’t stop me writing something about this lovely festivity.
I browsed the web with mind full of curiosity what was happening at SMESCO building Jakarta where it happened, and stumbled upon news about Tifatul Sembiring.  

If I may remind you all, he was the top leader of PKS (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera) who is now appointed the minister of communication and informatics in the new cabinet formed by the commander in chief SBY.
First impression generally lasts longer and should print a great unforgettable image in people’s mind about us in the future. And maybe that was one of the things that Mr. Sembiring was thinking of before he entered a room full of bloggers and journalists. Regardless of the motive, he just took an admirable step to start his career as a minister. His sudden appearance in the national event truly printed great images of him in Indonesian bloggers’ mind. He mentioned in a jovial manner that he owns a twitter account; @tifsembiring.
Coming from a political party claiming itself as ‘clean, careful and professional’, this newly appointed minister (as new as 3 days, he got the minister post officially on Oct 22, 2009) brings us some new hopes, especially in Indonesian thriving IT world. We’ve got myriad potentials and I’m sure we can transform into a bigger and more developed nation by improving our IT condition. Hope our new minister doesn’t give us false hopes and lets us down in the next five years. So far, you’ve taken a good preliminary action, mr. Sembiring. There’s nothing better than having a public official who is familiar with ordinary people and knows what the people want and of course knows what to do to accomodate the diverse opinions and expectations. Long live indonesian IT world!!! Bravo!

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3 thoughts on “Pesta Blogger 2009

  1. bundadontworry 26 October 2009 / 11:40 pm

    I missed this event as well, eventhough i live in tangerang not so far away from jakarta.i've read from one of newspapaer, the minister actually a blogger .best regards.

  2. akhlis 27 October 2009 / 2:11 am

    @bunda: Oh,you missed it too? Definitely, he looks so humble and conversant with the blogging world..maybe we should visit his blog,just to say hi ^_^

  3. akhlis 27 October 2009 / 2:12 am

    @bunda: Oh,you missed it too? Definitely, he looks so humble and conversant with the blogging world..maybe we should visit his blog,just to say hi ^_^

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