Pornography Filter

Having kids with overflowing curiosity is fun as it means your kids are keen to learn anything s/he hasn’t known. And it may mean your kids are geniuses. Read some famous scientists and well-known figures who confessed to be  quite naughty, experimental and ‘annoying’ly curious when they were kids. But what if your kids are experimenting with the web, viewing web pages full of porn images they mustn’t see for example? I’m absolutely convinced you’ll never want such a degrading disaster to happen to your kids.
I, and I’m sure most of you, have ever heard about parental control feature in Windows Vista. It can set specific time limits on our kids’ computer use, prevent our kids from playing games we don’t want them to play, set limits for how our kids use the web, and keep them from running specific programs.
Now, though porn sites and contents filter is not really new, it’s still relevant as it offers alternatives to keep your beloved children away from the dirty contents. 
These are some links redirecting to webpages where careful parents can download the anti-pornography softwares that can filter the dirty contents.

Or try the download packages that our Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics  has prepared for us:

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  1. angga says:

    wah harus pasang nih software kayaknya…banyak anak kecil dirumah…thaks

  2. akhlis says:

    Unless you want them to grow 'older' much faster, I think you have to…

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