National Bloggers Day + My Birthday = October 27th

Hello guys, regardless of being blogger or not, don’t you know that today (Oct 27) is Indonesian National Bloggers Day??! Never knew before? Well, now you know. And what makes it more exciting and thrilling is the fact that I celebrate my birthday on the exactly similar day
when the Indonesian blogggers are celebrating their national day
. But why should it be on Oct 27th? Any reason why that date was chosen?

There’s no particular reason, in fact. It was such a godly coincidence when two years ago on October 27, 2007 , without warning, our former minister of communication and informatics – Mohammad Nuh – proudly declared that that date is Indonesian Bloggers Day. On that day, he was invited to Pesta Blogger Nasional 2007 by Enda Nasution, our accomplished fellow Indonesian blogger.

Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika (Menkominfo) Mohammad Nuh tanpa basa-basi mendeklarasikan tanggal 27 Oktober sebagai Hari Blogger Nasional. Momentumnya dibuat seiring Pesta Blogger 2007. Hal itu dicetuskannya saat memberikan sambutan dalam Pesta Blogger 2007 (PB2007), sebuah acara gathering blogger nasional yang diadakan di Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Sabtu (27/10/2007). “Hari ini saya nyatakan sebagai Hari Blogger Nasional!” tukasnya disambut tepuk tangan meriah para penulis blog. (

I’ve become an active blogger for about 2 months (I started blogging earlier but I never took it seriously until two months ago) but truthfully I’ve known this since the middle of 2008 after I visited Blogger Indonesia, Fatih Syuhud’s well-known blog. From that moment on, I just knew that I simply had to start writing a blog. But one thing hindering my ambition was the facilities and infrastructure. I had no decent laptop (my desktop PC was starting to crumble and my laptop at that time was a remnant of ancient time) and there was no internet connection at home. Going out to an internet cafe only to post my article to my blog seemed energy-wasting and so impossible to do regularly. Now, however, everything’s different. I’ve got a more sophisticated laptop and a pretty good internet connection (it’s not fast, but at the very least it’s usable anytime and almost anywhere I want).

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  1. Nyubi says:

    Happy B'day Bro … may God keep you n Bless you 🙂

  2. akhlis says:

    @nyubi: thank you so much ^_^

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