TrueColor Blog Competition 2009

I opened my twitter account and somehow I discovered Raditya Dika’s twitter page and spotted one of his tweets saying:

Nyambung sama Hari Blogger Nasional, ada kompetisi blog berhadiah 50 juta rupiah. Gw salah satu jurinya. Hoho. Here:

 For anyone interested in taking part in the contest, try to browse this page. You can get various prizes like netbooks, iPod, and other gadgets. So why hesitate? Join now, people!

10 responses to “TrueColor Blog Competition 2009”

  1. Great opportunity to have your own blog with domain .com for free, please chek to my blog bro 🙂

  2. @nyubi: thanks ^_^@BI: ok,I'll take a look at it,thanks

  3. patut untuk diikuti…makasih infonya mas…

  4. so sorry, I forgot to tell. Sadly, it's not free of charge!

  5. You just told me about pertamina blogging compet.. and this is a new one,,,nice info!

  6. this month is contest month.many contest i've seen on some of our blogger's friend with many kind of gift as you join this contest ?best regards.

  7. As I said earlier Bunda, I really wish I had some money and bank account as the contest requires us to pay 50,000 IDR prior to joining the contest.

  8. great info,,just say thank u

  9. nice infoharus ikut nih. thank yah

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