January 2010

  • How to Connect Ideas Coherently: Chronological Order

    Connecting ideas correctly entails a lot of writing exercises because writing is something we can’t learn by scrutinizing theories only. Try to step to the next level after we’ve been familiar enough with constructing simple grammatical constructions like words, phrases, clauses or sentences. In this post, I’ll provide you some expressions/ phrases which are generally… Continue reading

  • 3 Steps to Stay Wrinkle-Free

    For both men and women (as there are now more men paying more attention to their appearance),  having wrinkled skin face is clearly uncool. And it is kind of easy to get some anti-wrinkle advice from experts, like stay out of the sun, moisturize, don’t smoke. But as I read Real age , I discovered… Continue reading

  • On Dealing with Odds

    A mother said to her kid: Sweetie, if I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that sometimes things get in your path and you have a choice. You can either smash right into them, or you can adjust and move around. But you have to do one or the other in order to move forward. Continue reading

  • The Art of Waiting

    Nothing can be more annoying than waiting. Don’t you realize even life is waiting? Life is waiting for death, basically. When your waiting for something good seems hopeless and endless and fruitless, perhaps what you can just do is waiting, and definitely praying for divine help. Any miracle will happen. Who knows? Things are just… Continue reading

  • Miyabi in Indonesia: Nay or …Aye??!

    This afternoon was ultimately mundane, nothing special was happening,until my cell phone rang. It was a text, coming not from my close pals or acquintainces but from a short number (6768). I wondered what the content was. “It must be something newsworthy or a junk advertisement”, I thought. And I impatiently pressed the ‘read’ button… Continue reading

  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s "Eat Pray Love"

    After three days, it is itchy enough for me to post something on my blog. Until now, my  blog’s longest record of staying un-updated is 3 days. I decided to grab my laptop back and write something, though I was just recently diagnosed for a ‘minor’ eye strain. Ohhh, my poor eyes were screaming for… Continue reading

  • Like Father, (Un)Like Son

    I was just home minutes ago with my mouth agape and red. Not because of  awe, shock, dismay or disbelief but because I had a bowl of hot soup as my dinner. I love hot food but that soup was absolutely beyond my definition of ‘hot’. So here I am not going to talk about… Continue reading

  • Faith Commercialization (part2)

    The last time we were talking about faith commercialization, Yusuf Mansyur told us how sinful it is to have the primary ambition to be a sermonizer merely to enjoy earthly financial benefits.  Being a sermonizer then was questioned by one of the audience as something closer to profession or contract. Mansyur again emphasized on how… Continue reading

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Jew: Fact or Lie?

    It was quite a shock to read an article stating Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one of anti-Jews world leaders and a denier of Hollocaust tragedy, possesses a Jewish root in his family. I figured how illogical it is for someone born Jew like him to hate people sharing the same root with him. The blast started from… Continue reading

  • Rehashing Past Details

    It is always fun to reminisce the sweet old times. Each of us has at least one past moment to recall when we are growing older someday. And thank God, I have got many moments to recall. Regardless of the fact that the memory can reprovoke positive or negative emotions, I still love any of… Continue reading

  • Lesson that Indonesia never Tries to Learn after Earthquake: Earthquakeproofing our Houses and Buildings

    After Aceh, Yogyakarta, West Java, it is now the turn of West Sumatra to suffer from the  sudden quake. It is an accidental post I dedicate to the West Sumatra earthquake casualties. Actually I learned the news of the 7.6 earth quake hitting the city of Padang yesterday evening. I signed in for my twitter… Continue reading

  • LG KF510: My Dream Mobile Phone

    Don’t know why while there are so many newer and far more sophisticated mobile phones launched and landed on the market, I still get fascinated by this LG phone. It used to cost IDR 2,900,000 at the first time it was thrown to the Indonesian market but now it costs less than IDR 1,500,000, which… Continue reading