All About 27 and Indonesian National Bloggers Day


Celebrating the double 27!


Call me silly, but I’m still as amazed as I was to find out that my birthday was officially declared as the Indonesian National Bloggers Day by Muhammad Nuh (if I’m not mistaken) three years ago. It felt so good, monumental. I love blogging and since a point of time I can’t precisely recall, I’ve been always wanting to make money and earn a living by arranging words and let people benefit from what I can do best.

Ok, enough rambling. Now I’d tell you, the world, that this October I’ll be taking part in the much hyped Pesta Blogger Indonesia 2010 as a volunteer! Days ago I emailed the committee and it seemed that they’re welcome. The next coincidence is that the festivity will be around my neighborhood. Pesta Blogger 2010 is taking place at Rasuna Epicentrum, a lovely futuristically-designed venue within walking distance (it only takes me 15 minutes or so to get there from where I’m now typing).

So this birthday is going to be crazily fun! With this said, I’m figuring out 27 birthday wishes, thanks to Toshi and his 100 things to do before he dies.

  1. Buy a decent violin
  2. Take violin lessons
  3. Perform violin recital in public
  4. Have a full grasp of Korean
  5. Write as many books of my own as I can
  6. Be a commercial freelance writer
  7. Run great, profitable blogs
  8. Roam Irish meadows and countryside
  9. Meet and interview the Corrs
  10. Buy a solar-powered house in some suburbia with an open, green space around it  to plant veggies and fruits
  11. Be a wealthy entrepreneur
  12. Gain weight muscle mass
  13. Have an understanding, pious spouse and kid(s) that make me proud in their own way
  14. Be more assertive
  15. Be a vegetarian
  16. Do yoga on a regular basis
  17. Purchase my own folded bicyle
  18. Get my own hybrid car
  19. Avoid eating unhealthy foods and beverages
  20. Go to Mecca and Madinah for hajj
  21. Make my parents feel so lucky to have me
  22. Be more outspoken and candid while in public
  23. Visit the States
  24. Obtain another Master’s degree in creative writing or some sort
  25. Get a MacBook Air
  26. Take a flight (the biggest challenge for an acrophobic)
  27. Have fewer belongings

Amen to the wishes!

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3 Responses to All About 27 and Indonesian National Bloggers Day

  1. Novi says:

    weh…. banyak bener wishlistnya, hiihihihi….

  2. Dyah Catur says:

    Flying is actually fun…but if you’re really afraid of flying, try short routes. You can fly to Jogja, it only takes 50 minutes 😉

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