A Story of a Virgin Pesta Blogger Volunteer

So I signed up for being a volunteer for the colossal Pesta Blogger 2010 (for the future reference, PB 2010). It’s said to be the first Pesta Blogger in the recorded history to officially open wide the door of getting to know the very chaotic backstage of Pesta Blogger for volunteers. And as a volunteer, I need not to be paid (financially speaking). I’m there for the sake of my overflowing curiosity to watch closely and on top of anything, get actively involved in the event.

Just last afternoon, I found an email from the PB 2010 committee. The first thing to spot was the date of the meeting invite. It read October 26th, Wednesday. I turned to the calendar and quickly decided the sender had suffered from some time disorientation or a serious case of making typos. I replied in no time, eagerly asking whether it was actually 26th or 27th. It sounded like an unnecessary query, but I really wanted to make sure. I know how stressful it is to be involved in such a national scale event, which makes me believe they might’ve sent an expired invite. To cut the long story short, it turned out it was 27th. For I knew I could make it, I hopped with joy. This was going to be my first meeting with folks behind PB 2010.

They required me to be present at the overly-hyped Starbucks cafe in Rasuna Epicentrum (which was newly launched, because I spotted lots of the Starbucks banners on the way there). I asked three people only to locate this Starbucks and half ran as I knew I was late in spite of my close proximity to the venue.

Feeling guilty, I finally arrived around 7. 30 pm. As I found the cafe, I slowed down and wondered, because there was simply no substantial crowd seen inside the cafe, only a  flock of youths. So I asked a glasses man typing on his laptop on the porch, “Is it a meeting of PB 2010 volunteers?” He shook his head and said he knew nothing about it. Well, so I took the risk to enter Starbucks and get humiliated for not finding any of the committee members.

Two guys standing in front of me cast a glance at me as I requested their attention by asking politely if they’re PB 2010 volunteers. And yes, they are. I almost cried for joy but I managed to take a full control over my emotion.

And as just as suddenly I knew they were talking with a long haired girl who happens to be really outspoken. She’s Shinta Setiawan. A pretty odd name for a girl because ‘Setiawan” is a name meant for lads not lasses. And there I found myself nearly bewildered as she introduced us the whole committee of Pesta Blogger 2010. My memory is worsening when it comes to memorizing names, and it feels like it’s  declining very much after Shinta explained it in an Eminem-is-wildly-singing-rap kind of way. All I can remember is a few names and faces with no position in committee left in mind.

Then I met these guys, the fellow volunteers named Riza, Nur Saleh, Agil, Novi, Alam and Donny. Alam sat around another table so I had no chance to get to know him. But Nur Saleh, Agil, and Novi sat in a row, facing a desk full of cups and straws and laptops. Another fellow volunteer name Riza was sitting facing us, seemingly busy with the laptop.

After a long chit chat, Shinta ‘handed’ us to Henny. Henny explained in a quite rapid manner the details of the venues, during which I jotted down some info because I knew words written last longer than words spoken. And because a volunteer will be assigned to take notes on how the discussion goes, twists, and turns, I tried to prove my listening skills and fast writing skills from that very moment on.

We volunteers were offered one class discussion to choose from a list. And the US Embassy seemed  to be like a lively, enriching discussion. Later on I found out some sessions are conducted in full English, so it’s going to be fun for someone like me, I suppose. The US Embassy section (I don’t know how to call this, “a class”, “a room, “a discussion” as I am literally clueless about it!) comprises these three sessions:

  1. Mozilla Foundation: Confession…I’m not a huge fan of Mozilla because of its add-ons but knowing that Mitchell Baker just visited Jakarta last month (September 27th, 2010) and proudly met with Indonesian Mozilla Community, which sounded like a huge credit for the Indonesian Mozilla developers and users’ loyalty. In the occasion, Mozilla is about to present quite sexy a topic “Is the Web Dead? Firefox 4 Says No and Community Building @ Mozilla: Transferring Authority to the Edges” with Gen Kanai and William Quivinger as the keynote speakers. The moderator is TBA (That’s why I hate acronyms without any prior or further explanation. I don’t know how the moderator looks like and not knowing his name is just a great way to make things worse).
  2. KIVA : Henny said it’s a microfinancing company or some sort. But what and how I know about KIVA is different. KIVA is one of the ads frequently displayed on my ‘late’ blog’s Adsense, just saying. Apart from that, I have no idea.
  3. Youth: Well, ok ..Henny said nothing particular about the topic about to discuss here. So let me grasp how it’ll go while the  D-day is drawing nearer.

That’s all for now, folks!

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3 Responses to A Story of a Virgin Pesta Blogger Volunteer

  1. eitss.. pake ada sesi absensi volunteer segala lis.. wkwkwkk..

  2. akhlisblog says:

    Loh iya dong,harus lengkap..hahaha 🙂

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