Pronouns: Meanings and Functions

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Pronouns : words that are used in place of a noun (pronoun ialah kata-kata yang digunakan untuk menggantikan kata benda).

Pronouns are divided into 4 types (pronoun dibagi menjadi 4 jenis):

  • Singular subject pronouns: I, you (meaning: “kamu/Anda”), she (e.g. the wife, Sarah, our sister), he (e.g. Andy, your grand father), it (e.g. a street, the song, Indonesia )
  • Plural subject pronouns: we (e.g. you and I, she and I), you (meaning: “kamu/Anda semua”), they (the daughters )

Personal Pronouns
I, me, you, he, him, she…

Demonstrative Pronouns
this, that, these, those

Possessive Pronouns
mine, yours, his…

Interrogative Pronouns
who, what, which…

Reflexive Pronouns
myself, yourself, himself…

Reciprocal Pronouns
each other, one another

Indefinite Pronouns
another, much, nobody, few, such…

Relative Pronouns
who, whom, which…

Pronoun Case
subjective, objective, possessive

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