Sarah Lacy’s Latest Book on Entrepreneurship and Indonesia

To look a lot cockier, the 'cocky' book should be in red. Blue's too humble. Just saying...

Having read the sneak peek of the book on, Michael Arrington’s review and its 20-page excerpt on Lacy’s blog , my first impression was she’s a natural story teller. She can’t help being a ‘rock star’. Lacy’s got what it takes to

For now, what I can tell to you is I totally AGREE with Arrington on this:

“To try to understand how entrepreneurs are reshaping their worlds in those places, and how America is sometimes being left behind.

What I’ve seen so far in here, Indonesia, is we look on the US as the mecca for entrepreneurs throughout the globe. All the current trends in the US are considered to be the future trends in Indonesia. I might be wrong but that’s what most (not all) entrepreneurs in Indonesia think of the US and its legendary Silicon Valley. That’s why it stunned me to read Arrington’s words, which to me implicitly conveys the idea that entrepreneurship is found almost any where on the planet, not only in North America (in spite of the fact that entrepreneurship thrives at a higher rate and more commonplace there). George Miller, Carl Schramm’s staff I once interviewed, said they Americans are still in search of their ideals. They’re not settled yet.

That’s all I can say for now as I’m still awaiting the book from Amazon next week or next two weeks or I don’t know exactly. But it’s going to be interesting for Indonesian entrepreneurs because Mr. Ciputra, one of the country’s most influential entrepreneurship evangelists is discussed in this very book.

P. S.:

I do look forward to translating her book into Indonesian, considering how invaluable this book is to Indonesian entrepreneurs. Let’s hope! (cross my fingers for this)

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