So this poor guy fell asleep…

Rough and wild night you had, eh?

So this poor fellow worker fell asleep. “A very rare sight to see, for once in my life time I never saw him fell asleep,” I mumbled by heart. I meant it. This guy is a working machine, so seeing him in such a ‘powerless’ state is like waiting for Halley commet, it comes once in 86 years. If I’d missed this, I would’ve never known when I can see him sleeping like a new-born baby…

No one was around, other than the two of us. I grabbed my camera phone and tiptoed a few meters away to find the best angle. And for fear being caught taking his picture (my camera phone is good except that you can’t mute the shutter sound, which kind of sucks in  ‘golden’ moments like this one) , I gently pressed the button. “Yesss!!!” for utter joy, I leaped. Mission accomplished…

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5 Responses to So this poor guy fell asleep…

  1. lunaticr says:

    phahahhahah!!!! WAHAHAHAHH!!!!! syapa nih yg moto? sempet2nya… iseng banget! XD pas gw blm dateng yak ngambilnya? i wonder how wild was it… XD ahahaha

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