On Being A Social Media Manager

Social Media Phobias

The phobias you keep encountering as a business social media manager (Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr)

So the entire office call me Mr. Twitter. Ok, I don’t mind. It’s absolutely fine, indeed. In retrospect, it’s been more than 6 months since the very first time I asked for the password to my coworker. Yes, I had no idea what made me do that. Getting bored throughout the weekend may be the culprit. Then I tweeted something on it, changed the background of it so as to give more classy, professional looks. It was fun initially. Seeing some warm responses people gave really makes you think you’re someone. It WAS…until it had dawned on me that followers number matters and tweeting feels more like a chore than a recreational pastime.
It’s not that I complain about it. I love social media. I do. Ok ok, I partially do as long as it doesn’t involve (too much) professional pressure. And as time goes by, I feel more like a tweeting robot. I tweet all things, to promote a site, which requires mental stability. Sadly I’m not that stable to endure the workload. I broke! I just waved the white flag, well….almost. But that’s because focusing has been a struggle lately. Thanks to the new staff, I regain my focus. Seriously, I hate straying! Things are going better, though. Now it’s time to focus on fixing my own self. The thing is I get bored easily. I used to think blogging was a cool job. It holds true for shrewd experts and seasoned practitioners . But for a newbie who know almost nothing about the niche s/he is going to to write about, it’s a pain in the ass.
Being burned out like now, all of a sudden out popped a chat window. And the chat began. (Sorry, I published our chat without your consent!)
friend :can we chat later tonight at around 7.30?
friend :i need to ask you several things about social media management

as now i am appointed as the social media admin for the company


welcome to the ‘hell’

friend :it was my idea actually…to revive our social media marketing strategy…

and the director directly appointed me as the admin



he should

friend :so see you toninght…
me:u must be responsible for ur own idea

ok see ya

So at the time we agreed on to have a chat, I recommended her some of my favorite blogs on the new yet eerie jungle she’s about to enter: social media.

Wish her much luck with the new task, or I’d say “challenge”!

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