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Sarah Lacy on the Emerging World (a.k.a. Indonesia) -part2

Previously on my last post, we read how Lacy compared Martha Tilaar to Oprah Winfrey. It tickles me a bit to spot this line: […] Heavily perfumed and air-conditioned, it’s an estrogen oasis in this hot, humid country. […] (BCC, … Continue reading

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Sarah Lacy on the Emerging World (a.k.a. Indonesia)

So I’d heard the buzz at and her own blog ( about this very book for quite a while.  Finally, “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the top 1% of entrepreneurs profit from global chaos” is on sale. Correct me if … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Twitter’s Changed Its Front Page

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On Becoming a Polyglot

Becoming a polyglot certainly sounds like something too good to be true. So far, I have learned 3 foreign languages. And the learning process is painfully lengthy, really. English was initially not attractive to me. Yet as I grew up, … Continue reading

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How Sun Hyun-Woo’s GongbuGage Inspires Me to Teach Indonesian

That GongbuGage initiator, Sun HyunWoo sparked an idea of sharing linguistic knowledge.This just in, this morning I spotted the video on Youtube. Great idea, and not exactly one to miss! Korean people are proud to teach Korean, why can’t we be?

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Quick Wrapup Post

Paul Costigan and Patrick ORiordan : Irish reps at the event. They dont speak Indonesian, sadly. My life ‘s almost all about translating recently. I’m fed up with it. But unhappily can’t escape before everything gets done. So many new … Continue reading

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@ FX Plasa : Startup Lokal Anniversary

And here I am. At FX Plaza. It’s more like cool spring morning and it’s dim in the entire room. With literally no one I know of here. A few I know online, so I can’t say I know them … Continue reading

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Sentence connectors are used to express relationships between ideas and to combine sentences. Type of Connector Connector(s) Examples Subordinating conjunctions if, unless, only if, even if If you consider the financial rewards of high level positions, the stressful nature of … Continue reading

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