Quick Wrapup Post

Forget the pricey Ace or Fit, get the Gio instead!
Paul Costigan and Patrick ORiordan : Irish reps at the event. They dont speak Indonesian, sadly.

My life ‘s almost all about translating recently. I’m fed up with it. But unhappily can’t escape before everything gets done.

So many new interesting updates I want to post but well, the time isn’t enough. I get burned out, I need time to relax. Blogging is supposed to be relaxing but blogging needs eyes and my eyes are shrieking for rest.

So far I’ve got these amazing events to cover on this blog:

#StartupLokal (Sat, April/ 9/ 2011)

I went to the community’s first anniversary and ended up going home with more than a dozen of business cards (read: lots of new acquaintaces and opportunities!).

Thanks to Natali Ardianto and Nuniek Tirta. The spouse (don’t get it wrong,Natali is a guy) invited me on behalf of my legendary boss (Mr. Entrepreneurship evangelist, as I put it). And there I was, happily trapped amongst a flock of local startup founders. I’ll save the details later on..

The historical purchase of Samsung Gio (Sat, April/ 9/ 2011)

Call me mr. Show-off but let me tell you I’ve just updated my cellular experience with one of the overly-hyped Android-embedded handsets, Samsung Gio. I embrace the principle of minimalism, and if you think I waste my dear money just to keep up with my Android-addicted coworkers, you’re wrong. I made up my mind more than a thousand times for this. And at the end, after a painful lengthy consideration, I dashed to the Samsung showroom and grabbed the shiny Gio with no regrets. I can guarantee this purchase is a well-weighted one, with good reason. For the sake of productivity…

Workshop at BPPT (Wed, April/13/ 2011)

Well, it was still related to technopreneurship. But this one was a lot more conservative in some way. Again, my legendary boss couldn’t make it and another ‘right hand’ he appointed to represent appeared for him.

Receiving “#StartupLokal Kita”

Rhein Mahatma couldn’t provide me one at FX Plaza so he bothered himself riding to the office through the most notorious street in the capital where things are so screwed up in that Tuesday morning.

This month also marks my 1st anniversary of working for this extremely entrepreneurial company…

Sarah Lacys and #Startuplokals books: Back then, never did I think I'd write so extensively about entrepreneurship.

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