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I Hereby Quit Practicing Fiddle …

If a novice fiddler must have a role model, I believe it’s gotta be Sharon ‘the Posh’ Corr. Apart from her gorgeous cheek bones and one-of-its-kind nose (can’t help saying that), she plays like a goddess. And as for me, … Continue reading

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Indonesia Technopreneur Community: Bridging is the Key

Indonesia keeps great deal of potential. Great ideas are scattered just everywhere. Smart brilliant youths are not difficult to find. Not to mention the overly hyped natural resources potential. But one thing holds the nation back. We (excuse my diction, … Continue reading

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Bloggers, Another People Power?

I once heard a question coming from my friend, “How come bloggers can be influential?” I can’t entirely blame her, as she blogs only for sheer fun, just like diarrhea, oops, diary…But yes, it resembles diarrhea in a verbal sense … Continue reading

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Jakarta in the Morning

This is just another for the sake of self note, kind of waking me up and sobering me up that I’m now back in the land of chaos for several months ahead. After a 5-day break  and leaving for the … Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways to Speedier Writing

ten simple ways you can double the speed of your writing, right now: 1. Outline The first thing that has proven highly effective for me and my writing is to outline my articles before I start writing. I know this … Continue reading

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Back to the Cradle

Being four months grinding the routine endlessly and getting burned out in and out, I decide to take a leave. Not that long leave but still it’s much better than nothing, really. My well being is a bit shaky lately. … Continue reading

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