I’m Hereby NOT a Google+ Virgin Any Longer

A snapshot taken from my Google+ home page.

Thanks to Aulia a.k.a @Salsabeela, I can now be an official user of Google+, the overly hyped new social networking service by Google.

First of all, I don’t know why the notification always appears although I clicked on it over and over again. For instance, the shared post from Leo Simorangkir was posted on July 1st and I had viewed and read the alert yet it kept showing up.

Second of all, this circle thing looks great. It’s like having a group on Facebook.

What's wrong with the notification? It's a real pet peeve.

Third of all, I found it quite seamless to upload a profile picture on Google+, compared to Mr. Zuckerberg‘s site. Really, at the same time I also changed my profile picture on Facebook but the image didn’t seem right. My scorpion pose looked like I was bending my torso backward. I kept editing by rotating the image but to no avail. On Google+, as long as the size is moderate, your picture is uploaded instantly. Poor Facebook!!

Google+ Spark to accomodate any users' interests and hobbies. I added YOGA and ANDROID.
Hoax accounts are everywhere to find not only on Twitter,Facebook, but also Google+.

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