My Cathartic Walk to Bogor Grand Botanical Garden (1)

It's really an honor to see this flock of middle-class workers on weekdays, without being a part of them. Suddenly arises a sense of freedom.
My commuter train ticket to Bogor. Got this at Sudirman Station.
Sudirman Station, a modern-looking station that provides you a river view from its windows. A heavily polluted one, sadly.
Sudirman Street, one of the capital 'arteries'. If it gets clogged, you'll find lots of Jakartans cursing Fauzi Bowo on Twitter.Perusing the schedule. Really wish I was coming earlier in the morning. I had to wait around an hour just get into the next train. I learn my lesson 🙂
In the train heading to the town of rain, that is Bogor. The train stops at every and each station it passes through, so I can't complain for a faster riding experience. We obviously inherit this snail-paced, obsolete technology product from the 20th century Japan. Shame on us!
We know democracy is overly hyped, but I didn't learn it until I spotted this warm exchange of thoughts on a public toilet at the Bogor train station. Excuse the inappropriate words!
Ok, I hate it when I fail taking the best shots. Even for amateurish photographers, I'm too clumsy! So here is how the station looks in front.
This is how arts can be grounded, unlike classy, overly cleaned, untouched galleries full of paintings scattered in Jakarta.
A long, not-so-winding road...A friend of mine 'advised' me to walk around the garden. And yes I literally DID WALK only to find how hugggeee the garden is! Broke my legs afterwards.
The homeless in Bogor shows us another grim side of the town. Did they ever brush their teeth?
Walking barefooted is good to stimulate the nerves on your foot palm. But often I have to carefully choose where to step, or else I'd tear mine. Look at the stones! I appreciate any creatures who spent their time to work on this artistic stony path.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Guna says:

    sorry for not telling which way you have to walk around…hehehhehe but it’s healthy walk around the Bogor botanical garden… 🙂

  2. akhlisblog says:

    It’s definitely more effective to tone someone’s legs and thighs than a thousand reps of squat jumps…Thanks! *kicking your face with my more-muscular-than-ever legs*

  3. Guna says:

    lol :)) Where is the part 2??? i’m waiting…

    1. akhlisblog says:

      Hold on, I’m still uploading the videos onto Youtube.

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