My Cathartic Walk to Bogor Grand Botanical Garden (3)

The gigantic trees always amaze me. Some of them started to sprout long before my grandparents were born. How did they survive decades or even a century?
So this is the restroom. Kind of spooky and too spacious to look like a decent restroom, but well it was built by the Dutch. My hunch is the Dutch needed extra room to 'wash' themselves.
Arrived at Bogor Train Station around 30 minutes before the train headed to the crap-ital, which was good as I couldn't stand the worry to arrive in Jakarta late at night!
Got off the commuter train at Gondangdia. As soon as I saw that automatic door was closed, I realized it was that day's worst decision made. And it cost me a 60-minute walk from Gondangdia (Cokroaminoto) to Karet Kuningan. It felt like I crossed the entire country the whole day. Walking that far is absolutely not for the faint-hearted. And this is what I saw under the flyover of Kuningan. Welcome to the reall world...againnn...hhhh





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