My Yoga Class at Taman Suropati

This man is my fellow yogi, Budi. As you can see, I bet he wants to drop some pounds by doing yoga. šŸ˜€











Vasisthasana (side plank pose) is a bit hard to hold perfectly, even for me. It does need strength and balance at the same time.











No offense, but Ardha Matsyendrasana (half lord of the fishes pose) is a piece of cake!

























Bid Farewell to the Noisy Facebook Chat

Facebook logo
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Just a quick wrap post! I don’t know whether it’s quite worth sharing or not but those Facebook chat windows that keep popping out and leaving you helpless as you can’t stand responding to every person wanting to have a conversation with you is a matter of history.

I, and some pals, always complain a lot about the distracting noise and today I found the way to have more peaceful virtual networking time. How? Let me show you the way.

First, tap onto your Facebook chat box down there (just on the right corner). Then locate that ‘setting’ icon (yes, that screw-like small picture) up the chat box . Next you’ll read “availability limit” which goes after “available to chat” and “chat sounds”. Click on it!

Finally, there pops out a separate window in the middle of your screen. The “limit availability on chat” feature enables you to:

  • avoid the risk of having a chat with certain people (by choosing “make me unavailable to”
  • increase the probability to have a chat ONLY with people you think most agreeable (by choosing “only make me available to”)
That’s all folks!