A Brief Introduction to Food Combining (1)

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Claudia Jones in Namaskar (April 2011 issue) extolled the significance of food combining to our digestive health. So she said this method may help us reduce gas and abdominal bloating after eating, fast eliminate and balance body weight (ok, I need that someday, not for now).

Jones further explained what food combining principles are:

  • Fruit should always be eaten separately 20-30 minutes before other foods. Eating any fruits after a meal is definitely counterproductive.
  • Sugary foods should also be eaten alone, before other foods and never after a meal.
  • Protein and starch should not be mixed together in the same meal.
  • Protein should only be eaten with non-starchy vegetables.
  • Starch should only be eaten with non-starchy vegetables.
Later on my next post, I’ll tell you why these principles matter.
(to be continued)

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