When ‘God’ Goes Social…


It never occurs to me that ‘God’ should go social. Seriously, how could this happen to the ‘Most Divine’ in the infinite universe?

It was all because of my recklessness. I thought it’d be good to let people know what ‘the Almighty’ is now reading, what He’s been thinking of lately, and sharing it all with all His staunch supporters down there, on  ‘the Earth’.

I signed up for Twitter on behalf of ‘My Majesty’, got another Facebook account too. And recently I got myself into the bandwagon of this silly social networks with circles on it.

Once He was willing to respond to each question coming to the wall and timeline. Yet as soon as the enthusiasm faded away, He relinquished the responsibility for it to the second and third angel, His faithful assistants.

So here I am stranded, in the middle of social media utter bewilderment. It’s hard to ignore humans who constantly begging for mercy and aid down there. I’m eager to help but it’s beyond my authority to say anything while my position itself is precarious enough. I can be dismissed anytime. It’s like clinging to a string of hair split into 7 thinner ones.

Should I find myself another ‘God’?

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