Yoga Gembira to Cooperate with an Environmentally-Concerned Group in Jakarta


Yesterday morning (31/7), as usual I practiced yoga at Taman Suropati and at the end of the class, the whole participants sat in a circle. A middle-aged man in red named Iwan, who wore a biker’s  pants, showed up and was invited before the class to speak something. I obviously had no idea what he was about to tell us.

Can we find a tree of this size in the middle of heavily polluted Jakarta?

So Iwan talked about a petition initiated by a Avianti. Avianti is a woman very concerned with open green space availability in the dying, increasingly unlivable Jakarta. According to Iwan, Avianti has tried to launch a petition meant to raise public awareness of the significant role of trees and parks throughout Jakarta.

Iwan apparently aimed to make the “Yoga Gembira” participants (who are mostly girls) eager to take part in this noble petition. Besides that, Iwan invited the yogis and yoginis of Yoga Gembira to share and practice what they learn in yoga at parks in Jakarta so there’ll be more and more people get attracted to take care of parks and living environment around them. Well, I’m certainly not a girl but sex is unimportant when it comes to natural preservation and conservation.

Further, Iwan told us a story of a breastfeeding mom with a 2-month-old infant, who to her surprise found her milk from her breast (ASI-air susu ibu) containing an abnormaly higher level of lead! Not quite an interesting finding to have when it happens to my family or beloved ones.

Iwan introduced a concept of adopting parks conducted by the surrounding society, like what he saw in Austin, Texas. It seems that the Jakartan folks couldn’t care less about the parks around them but this guy argued that some or most of people care but they just don’t know how to be part of this initiative. That may be why he was there, spreading the spirit and awareness.

Iwan remarked, “Getting people to be engaged in preserving green open space in their surrounding also prevents them from becoming a group of consumptively unwise shoppers packing the shopping centers/ malls day and night. ” Parents in this so-called most costly city on the planet should start look for a radical change in spending spare time. Instead of going to malls (which usually makes us end up buying things we’re not supposed to buy), why don’t we go to parks around us and do some real sports other than brisk walking from a shop to another just to find the most affordable clothes for Idul Fitri?

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