The Struggle of Grabbing a Ticket


As recent as last Sunday..I finally got this ticket in my hand. It was costly enough but who cares. I’m not booking me an airplane. I love buses. Yes,call me archaic,but this transportation mode saves me lots of money. Never mind the pain of sitting 16 hours straight….I won’t complain.

This picture was taken right in front of the agent office. Because the bus agent is from Kudus, somehow there I found a restaurant selling soto Kudus, a culinary delicacy, next to it.

You might notice the same identical design of the high rise in front elsewhere (to me it reminds me of Ciputra Mall in Semarang) other than Daan Mogot, West Jakarta. But that’s Ciputra Hotel strategically located around the intersection of Grogol.

I arrived around 7.15 am, got the ticket about 1,5 hours after that, and quickly went home before the sun dehydrated me further.

In the afternoon, I skipped my yoga class. Felt a bit guilty afterwards, especially as I felt unwell. Ugh, even my body screams for yoga!

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