This is How Prophet Mohammed Consumed Honey

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Even Mohammed, our last Prophet, is known for his great care of health. He strongly believes in the idea that the physical body is what Allah has given us for a temporary period of time.

As he woke up, the Prophet would grab a bottle of honey. “The way Propet Mohammed consumed honey might be different from ours. Most of us drink honey after being mixed with water,” stated Dr. Brilianto M. Soenarwo , an author of healthy living a la Mohammed.

As it turns out, Mohammed consumed honey in a different way. The health practitioner usually called Toni explained that the Prophet would take honey and  let it melt in his mouth as it is mingled with saliva.  The author of various health related books explained that honey contains fructose, and fructose needs saliva in order to be digested more perfectly by the stomach.

Also, he states that consuming pure honey every morning can help us prevent stomach ulcer. “In the morning, the stomach is empty because the Prophet usually ate a light dinner around 8 pm. Honey can coat the ulcer walls so his stomach stayed healthy,” he added.

The prophet would eat a light meal at night. He would eat a bigger portion of meal in the afternoon.(

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