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Ivan Chen of Ananta Studios: “Are We Losers?”

You know someone’s passion the minute you see him speaking amongst huge crowd, and they’re spellbound right away. That’s how passion works. It spreads like mantra. Intangible yet impactful. And that is exactly how people found Ivan Chen. He simply … Continue reading

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RIM’s Latest Marketing Gimmick

BlackBerry is experimenting with its consumers on social media (Twitter) as it lanched a quartet of superheroes. I wonder whether these 4 can save RIm from being part of history. Any thoughts?

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Ergonomics and Safety Tips for Smartphone and Laptop Users

Every time I watch these two videos, I easily relate to all the mistakes of posture while using laptop and smartphone. I don’t want to risk my posture. I don’t want to be a hunchbacked old man too early.  

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