Pando Daily: Lacy and Arrington’s New-Born Baby

Serious Data Porn: Watch Wavii Grow | PandoDaily.


Pando Daily: Is it the new TechCrunch?

I’m recently addicted to reading That is a newly launched tech-themed blog, other than the AOL-acquired,, or the oriental

In spite of its being new, PandoDaily is NOT in fact that new. The witty brunette reporter Sarah Lacy, the shrewd blogger Paul Carr, and the legendary Michael Arrington back this site. Even Brian Solis writes on it. These are no amateurish tech bloggers in Silicon Valley. I simply love the sarcasm, humor and irony poured into each post there.

The reputation of the reporters here is so widely acknowledged among global technology observers startup owners and entrepreneurs that even a news ticker published on it helped Wavii, an app launched in beta version, gain more exposure, slightly better than TechCrunch to be honest. But for a new blog, it does very well.

As a blogger and an online reporter, I have to say the concept of “news ticker” on Pando Daily is simple yet brilliant. It doesn’t follow the generic rule of journalism (you know the “5W+1H” dogma) but it provides a brief piece of information. Props to Pando Daily team!

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