@tifsembiring on Behalf of Indonesian Govt: “Unless It’s Proven against the Laws, No Censorship to Indonesian Tweets is Implemented (So Far)”

Twitter, as we used to know it, was a free medium. But lately it’s going to fade.It’s not as free as we initially assumed, apparently. This is very understandable as Twitter has been allegedly intimidated and pushed in a way we have no idea about (secret service, Interpol, certain governments?) after all the unrests in North African countries,  London riot, Malaysia (remember Bersih 2.0 movement?). Even American Govt takes social media more seriously than before now. I

As for Indonesia, there’s nothing to worry about so far as the minister of communication and informatics, @tifsembiring a.k.a. Tifatul Sembiring, stated the govt will never apply censorship to tweets coming from Indonesia as a response to Twitter’s earth breaking policy.

Indonesia as a country has its own law taking care of this widely known as “UU ITE”. In particular in its 27th and 28th verse, there’s stated the censorship issue on the web, which includes Twitter for sure.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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