How to recover from a social faux pas

Faux mouvement
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We all know we shouldn’t talk behind people’s backs. there is karmic danger in uttering the words but there is a real danger too in being overheard or getting caught. Whether you accidentally hit “reply all” or spoke into a voicemail you didn’t know was recording, there’re always ways to recover. Here are three steps to fixing the problem and repairing the relationship.

fess up and aplogize

There’s no use pretending. Offer a genuine apology and accept responsibility for what you did.

Confront the issue

Don’t try to downplay things. Muster the courage to state clearly what’s been bothering you and how you wish the other person would behave instead.

Commit to do it differently next time

In these situations, the real offense is that you didn’t directly address your issue with someone. Promise to air your grievances openly next time.

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