Alain Robert to Climb Bakrie Tower, Kuningan

Bakrie Tower, the tall dark and 'handsome' that lurked Alain Robert the Spiderman into climbing without any safety rope attached.

So yesterday my parents were here in Jakarta. I thought it was cool to bring them to several landmarks of the capital. And one of the nearest skyscrapers in the neighborhood to show them is of course Bakrie Tower. It actually took us only 15 minutes to get there by foot but they demanded to take taxi. The weather was unagreeably hot, as humid as hell.

While on our way to Rasuna Epicentrum, my mother kept staring at the top of the tower, wondering how it was built from the very scratch. I wouldn’t. I admired, enjoyed but hardly ever wondered how it was made. My brain doesn’t work the way an architect’s does, anyway. So why bother?

Bakrie Tower really deserved the attention. Its architecture is absolutely amazing and worth praise.  The dark glass and silverish metal frames with slightly curvy stand sets Bakrie Tower apart from its fellow skyscrapers.

But as recent as this morning, I’ve found out on Twitter and Facebook that Alain Robert , the well-known French Spiderman, just finished climbing the building a few hours ago. He started to climb around 10.30 and got to the top of the skyscraper around 13.10, according to

As an acrophobic, I’d say this very guy is awesome. I dread height, and do whatever it takes to stay away from it. Besides, I don’t know why but his climbing was followed by a torrential downpour in Kuningan in the afternoon today! I swear it has been the hottest week in Jakarta and along came Alain and climbed and down poured the rain. He should climb more in Africa, maybe the drought will be less frequent there.

It was said that Robert did it WITH safety rope attached on his body, which is quite extraordinarily disappointing because he reportedly always climbs high rises without any.

I initially thought ANTV got the ‘madness’ covered because as we all know the Epicentrum area is their base. It turned out they invited Robert to climb to create buzz about their 19th celebration.  Corporate Communications General Manager of ANTV, Zoraya Perucha, stated that as quoted by this morning.



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