As Creative Industry Thrives, More Indonesian Translators are Needed

The Indonesian creative industry is blooming, and gaming is one of the most  promising.  As more and more games with foreign languages on the interface should be localized, translators’ service is needed.

“International social media sites targetting Indonesia require translators’ service. Hence the demand of such a profession is high,” stated Indra Blanquita Danudiningrat, a sworn translator and a linguist to Hilda Sabri Sulistyo, a journalist of Bisnis Indonesia.

Recently there are more variations of games played on social media, Internet-based media, or even other celular devices.

The increasingly numerous number of players in the Indonesian gaming market triggers higher demand of games with Bahasa Indonesia on the interface. This explains why there are pools of opportunities for translators in Indonesia to focus on games translation niche.

“Aside from games translation opportunities, the development of creative industry also taps another stream of opportunities due to the higher demand in Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions business (MICE business),” added Indra.

Linguists or interpreters are required in almost every international conferences and seminars. Last year after Indonesia served as the ASEAN leader and host to various international conferences, it is revealed that there are high prospects in this MICE industry.

Sadly, translator as a profession has not received wide acknowledgment  of people yet so translators need to work hard on getting this. It is such an anomaly as the profession started to come into existence since the country regained independence.

“Translators’ service is badly needed but it is not admitted as one of profession types here. That’s why we translators find it difficult to apply for credit to banks,” Indra reasoned.(Translated from the

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