@EECCHI Raises Energy Efficiency Awareness through Video Challenge Contest

In Indonesia, energy efficieny issue is one of the most prominent, urgent ones to deal with. Having more than 240 million people thoughout its vast archipelago, Indonesia is facing a serious threat in terms of energy resources. The country has a lot of potential renewable energy resources, but it takes much time to fully develop the technology necessary for meeting the increasingly soaring demand of energy. That brings us to the significance of energy efficiency.

According to WorldEnergy.org, energy efficiency (in particular electricity use)  offers two benefits:

  • Supply more consumers with the same electricity production capacity, which is often the main constraint in many countries of Africa and Asia.
  • Slow down the electricity demand growth, and reduce the investment needed for the expansion of the electricity sector; this is especially important in countries with high growth of the electricity demand, such as China and many South East Asian countries.

Bringing this in mind, Indonesian Government represented by Direktorat Energi Baru Terbarukan dan Konservasi Energi (Energy Conservation and Renewable New Energy Directorate) , Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral (The Ministry of  Mineral Resources and Energy) in collaboration with Danish Government formed an initiative called  ” Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House Indonesia” (EECCHI).

On last Saturday (14/7/2012) in Es Teler 77 Restaurant on Aditywarman Jakarta, EECCHI launched an activity to support efficiency energy campaign in households and schools named “Home and School Energy Champion 2012”. The contest are planned to take place in 6 months (March- August 2012). The contest involves 9 schools in Jakarta and more than 200 households in Jakarta and the greater area. The most energy efficient school and household from March to August 2012 will be rewarded. And the energy efficiency efforts apllied should not compromise the convenience and productivity of the participants.

Besides the main energy efficiency competition, the students of 9 schools involved in Home and School Energy Champion (HSEC) 2012 will also take part in a series of monthly challenges. The monthly challenges comprises 6 contests and have been held since Marh 2012. Every month there is a new challenge to offer. In March 2012, the committee challenged students to draw the best energy-efficiency-themed pictures. The next were jingle writing competition and radio ads challenge, both in April and May 2012 respectively. In its fourth month, EECCHI held Video-Making Challenge with “Energy Efficiency to Save Future Generation” as the theme.

In the video challenge, the students were requested to make videos relevant to the theme with duration not longer than 5 minutes. To help participants in producing the best videos, Danny Ambarita (a cinematographer of Cinemaworks) taught them how to produce a proper video in a brief seminar on Video Production.

The schools participating in the competition were Madania School, SMP Al Muslim, Global Jaya International School, dan Santa Laurensia.  There were 19 videos received, all of which were produced by students aged from 13 to 16 years young.

The assessment was based on the 5 main factors: : (1) Creativity; (2) Attractiveness; (3) Data Validity; (4) Production; and (5) Relevance to Energy Efficiency and Energy Awareness.

The jury were:

Mogens Krighaar (Pakar Efisiensi Energi dan Team Leader EINCOPS)

Danny Ambarita (Sinematografer Cinemaworkz)

Bryan Stone (Produser Cinemaworkz)

There were 10 best videos chosen and uploaded on YouTube, with the winner getting the most likes on Enrgy Champion Facebook page.  And here are the winners:

Favorite winners

Video titled “Man in the Mirror” by Shula Soegih Arto and Katya W. (Global Jaya International School)

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions winners were picked based on Creativity, Data Validity, Production, Attractiveness, and Relevance to Energy Efficiency and Energy Awareness.

Honorable Mentions went to:

  • “It’s Time” by Anon (Arlene Keshia, Herdarudewi Prabandari, Sasqia Faadillah Andikoputri from Madania School)
  • “Man in the Mirror” by Energirls (Katya Syafitri, Shula Adinka from Global Jaya International  School)

Second Runner-up (entitled to IDR 2 M)

Video “Explanation on Energy Efficiency” by The Wingman Calls ( I.G.N Taksu Wijaya, Randy Steven, and Bintang Berbudi from Madania School)

First Runner-up (entitled to IDR 4 M)

Video “Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Future” by The N3 Cubic Production (Najla Sekariyanti, Hana Fairuzia, and Nabila Rudiono from  Global Jaya International School)

Winner (entitled to IDR 6 M)

Video “The Future on Our Fingertips” by Future Engineers ( Jovanka Gusman, Maisha Rachmat, Nia Sarinastiti, and Sekar Sanding from Madania School)

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