These First 7 Days as a Glasses Boy

I had been avoiding wearing glasses since a long time ago. They look cool on others but when it came to think of it, they don’t on me. I don’t know. I just felt it was an odd idea.
But then I quit teaching in 2009, which provided me a lot of spare time to blog actively on a daily basis ever since. Prolonged contact with screen was then unavoidable. I could, let’s say, spend hours with eyes glued to the laptop screen every single day for like 8 months. In the 8th month, I already complained how strained my eyes felt after every day working with laptop. My eyes screamed for help. I was surprised if they didn’t , considering how mean the way I used them both.
In my hometown, only fewer opticians are found. Frames are too cheap I couldn’t think they can last for years. I don’t mean to sound snobbish but I’d rather spend more money for something worth my money than a cheaper thing which can barely survive a year.
So this time is different. My eyes are in dire need of help. Professional help. And that brought me to Ambassador Mall, where anyone can find practically everything. Spectacles are among them.
That Saturday night, I went home with glasses on my face. Kind of weird to stare at the floor for the first time.
The first day was Sunday. I remembered my yoga teacher quipped,”So you wear glasses now?” That was the first response to smile at before the others’ similar response upon learning my new looks.
There have been varied responses to my wearing glasses. Some are neutral, some of mockery, some others provoking, and the rest jovial.
Upu – coworker: “Peter Parker look-alike. Hence I call you Peter Pilot” (He referred to “Parker”, a brand of luxury pen, and “Pilot”, a brand of cheaper pen, bah!)
Andri -coworker : “Since when did you wear glasses” (He forgot a long time ago I wore but later ditched them)
 Eky – coworker: “Hi Superboy!” ( Are glasses with thick dark frame and working as a reporter prerequisites for becoming Superboy?)
Lina – coworker: “You look like a real genius” ( Which means I am actually NOT?)
Asep – coworker: “So they’re not  plano” (A term eye care professionals use to describe lenses with no corrective power. The term is most often applied to nonprescription sunglasses or contact lenses that are worn for cosmetic purposes only.)
Danu – coworker: “Are you some new employee I haven’t known before? Btw, your frame doesn’t suit your face. Why not pick the thinner one for your thin face?” (I did try thinner frame, and yes I looked like an erudite scholar. Nonetheless, the thinner frames gave me an impression of older looks as well. That would be something a 30-40 year olds to pick.)
 Guna – coworker : “Yeah, you really look like Korean ….after a prolonged tanning session” (How I love the punch line!)

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