7 Little Known Facts about Indonesia

English: Soekarno Hatta Road in East Kalimanta...

English: Soekarno Hatta Road in East Kalimantan. Bahasa Indonesia: Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, melintasi tiga wilayah, yakni Samarinda (KM 1-4), Kutai Kartanegara (KM 4-25), dan Balikpapan (KM 25-1). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A series of facts about Indonesia we might not even be aware of:

-Several islands in Indonesia are shared with other neighboring countries. They are Kalimantan (Borneo),  Papua, Sebatik as well as Timor. In Kalimantan, we share the island with Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia. While  Papua New Guinea is our neighboring country in the island of Papua. Sebatik is another islet in Kalimantan which is shared between Indonesia and Malaysia. Timor Leste is a small country that shares our tiny Timor island.

-Though only covering 7% of total land in Indonesia, Java is home to 60% of Indonesian population.

-Until 1985, Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia had never named any public facilities and/ or buildings or even streets after “Soekarno-Hatta”, the proclamator duo of the republic. It is considered odd as there are a number of other streets in various cities in Indonesia named after Soekarno and Hatta. In 1985, an international airport was finally named after them. That was the first public place to be named after Soekarno –Hatta after 40 years of independence.

-In 1986, right after 16 years following Soekarno’s death, the Indonesian government came to think of awarding the “proclamators” to Soekarno and Hatta.

-Indonesia is the country with the most tribes and ethnicities on the planet. There are more than 740 ethnic groups inhabiting the archipelago.  No wonder there are approximately 583 regional languages and dialects existing in the country.

-In 2009, there was a “smiling” survey report concluding that Indonesia is considered the most frequently and generously smiling country on earth. Along with Hong Kong, Indonesia was also named the best country in greeting.

-In 1938, our national soccer team managed to go through the World Cup, partly thanks to the resignation of Japan from the competititon. Unfortunately the team represented “Hindia Belanda”, instead of Indonesia.


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