Me, Giving Yogic Advice

  • hi mr. akhlis… where do u live now? like to ask you where can I find a yoga trainer in Kudus?

  • Akhlis Purnomo


    it’s even hard to find one in Semarang.

    let alone in our hometown


  • Miss X

    any suggestion to do yoga?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    millions of yoga videos there

  • Miss X

    there? where?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    try Youtube

  • Miss X

    well. smile what’s the most important in doing it?

    i’ll check it out in you tube..

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    nothing is important as long as u can enjoy yourself while doing it

    dont think too much

    let it flow

    and enjoy being who you are.

  • Miss X

    how if the way I do my life does not as good as what it is expected. hmmm…

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    self acceptance

    maybe your impefection is another form of perfection. Try another new perspective.

    and yeah, expectation is overrrated.

    our lives are much too messed up and disoriented because of expectations, from ourselves, parents, social circles,society.

  • Miss X

    yups. those expectations motivate me to reach any goals I hope, however, they bring me under pressure sometimes. I ever read your status about Yoga quiet often. I think it’s a good way to turn perspective of life… become calmer, I guess…

  • Akhlis Purnomo


    some people think yoga is not for moslems, but I found some universal positive values there and why not?

    calmer and more self-aware, mindful of our own self and surroundings…and the nature and of course Allah

  • 2:00pm

     Miss X

    I do not understand about flowing the energy of Yin and Yang, comes from nature and back to nature…

    any idea to do it?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    haha, I’m not sure I have the authority to explain that. Really, I myself am a novice. My approach to anything is like… just do it. haha. i don’t think too much about any theoretical ground, as long as I feel good about it then it’s enough until I want to learn more. it’s a gradual process of learning. i prefer starting with practical things shifting to more philosophical ones

    and I think that’s how one should learn..through experiments, trials and errors..That’s the natural way of learning. I sometimes set methods away..i like thinking simple and doing simple

  • Miss X

    well, okay… my house doesn’t look appropriate to do yoga. mess, crowded, noisy. what should I consider to choose the place?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    actually any place with fresh,flowing air and a piece of mat is enough

    u can do yoga anywhere,anytime

    u can do yoga at home in the early morning..when silent

    or even better, find an open silent green space to practice

  • Miss X

    ouh… make sense. when silent!


  • Akhlis Purnomo

    yes, the key is silence

    silence is the source of wisdom, i think smile

    it’s just perfect time to connect to the inner part of us

    clearing the mind

    maybe doing yga after early morning prayer suits you

    Try ester eckhart’s yoga videos. Great and informative for beginners who want to give yoga a try..

    and just in case u have a bad day with kids or coworkers at school, ester offers this sequence

    u can download the youtube videos on convert them into 3gp format and save them on the phone or PC so u can play them to guide you in practice..

  • Miss X

    really thanks, mr… I’ll try it. smile

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    good luck then

  • Today
  • Miss X

    good evening, sir… Doing yoga in a high stress is so difficult recently. frown

  • Akhlis Purnomo


    u tried?

  • Miss X

    yes. but I didn’t succeed. bad emotion is dominant. How should i do?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    never mind. just enjoy anything appears in our mind without judging

  • Miss X

    can we cry in yoga?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    if u feel like u want to,why not?

    In yoga, we should enjoy the present, being fully conscious in anything we are now doing. So it doesn’t really matter what emotions come up right long as we know this is what is happenign to us and we shall make peace with the real life. Everything happens for a reason. We hate or love it because of the temporary volatile reactions, sometime later we may feel the opposite..That’s life

    Doing yoga is not always about always thinking positively or thinking good things al the time. It is not possible because life is not only a collection of positive things. So just let it go..

  • Miss X

    omg.. you’re right, sir. that’s what I need to realize. smile thanks…

    is it okay to say “I don’t care” in every single frustration?

  • Akhlis Purnomo

    Maybe…haha…but let’s say “it can happen to me but it should strengthen me instead of bringing me down”.

    I think the I-don’t-care attitude will worsen and intensify complicated situations in the long run. So maybe we just have to hit the bull’s eye, find the root of the problem and simplify the problem.

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