Meet Muramatsu Shin, a Professor with an Outstanding Headstand Skill

This is one of the best advantages of living in a big city like Jakarta. You can literally see and meet and mingle with a wide range of people. Some do suck, some rather suck,  but a lot more people out there simply don’t. They’re nice, inspiring. But that’s of course dependent upon where you hang out.

One of my former students asked me once whether it is a wise choice to live and work in the capital city as chaotic as Jakarta. She then reasoned she’s very anxious whether Jakarta can bring her more negative impact on her personality. I advised her not to worry much if she has already had that inner faith and strong personality, knowing what to prioritize in this confusing macrocosm. Jakarta is not always about what you see on television. A lot of people believe in whatever the mass media serve for them without even realizing the fact that what they read on newspaper or watch on Tv is only a meager part of Jakartan life. It doesn’t necessarily describe Jakarta as a whole, because it is diverse.

And this may be one of the proofs why it is essential to have that skill of choosing the right place to hang out at, a place that fits your personality you want to have best. In my case, this is the place where I can surround myself with people having more or less similar minds and interests. I bumped into a Japanese scientist doing lifestyle research this morning at Taman Suropati Menteng Jakarta after our yoga class and he wanted to do headstand with me. Prof. Muramatsu “headstand” Shin seems to be a huge fan of yoga, so we saw.

At first, he and three of his friends with huge cameras and tripod and backpacks approached us. At the time, several fellow yogis and yoginis and I were still practising challenging poses. He spotted my friend doing astavakrasana (eight bend balance pose) and all of a sudden wanted us to teach him how to do it. But he failed at the first attempt. I guess it’s because he didn’t twist his abs more.

And we tried headstand. Yes, the glasses man tried this. We didn’t know he did a lot of yoga too before this until we were done with the headstand photo session and he told me he has practiced it for many years , which is why he looked stunned when I told him I practiced for 1,5 year to reach the stage I am at now. Yeah, my astavakrasana is not really bad for a novice. No bragging! Haha.

We exhanged emails and I got his Facebook account. Social media, in this case, is quite helpful. This is his profile picture on Facebook. Kind of funny. The little boy makes it even funnier. Also I found his Twitter account, and the avatar shows him doing headstand as well.

One thing I wonder about him: What makes headstand his favorite? Could it be the anti-aging effect?

He rocks, doesn’t he?

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