9 Diseases (and Many More) that Drinking Water Can Prevent

Drink more water if you live in the places with daily temp as hot and humid as Jakarta.

 I still remember this morning seeing one of my old friends ranting on Facebook about her migrain-ridden head. She slept in a decent amount of hours the night before. Still she was not feeling any better. So what was wrong with her head? But I had no idea why I suddenly quipped, “Try to drink more water.”

That answer was quite spontaneous. And I all of a sudden recall what F. Batmanghelidj, M. D. says in his book titled “Water for Health”. It says there: “You’re not sick, you’re only thirsty. Drink water and gain the benefits of one of the biggest inventions of all times.” It sounds like an overstatement. I beg to differ a bit. It might not be an invention at all. We all know water is good for the body but we just think it’s just water, with no nutritious substances or healing effects (other than quenching your thirst).

My father is one of those people. I still remember him saying this to me:” Don’t drink too much. It’s only water, no nutrition you can get from drinking a lot of it.” And he ended up developing diabetes and is now advised by his physician to drink more, even at night. He has got that bottle with him every night so anytime he wakes up in the middle of the night he can grab it easily and drink some water without even having to leave the bed.

So now I learn from his ignorance. A lot of people around me ask why I am starting to adopt this healthier life style at a young age. They ridiculously guessed I develop a certain type of disorder which requires me to eat healthily every single day. The fact is I don’t eat healthy foods that much. I’m just gradually shifting to it. I cannot even call myself a healthy life style nut. I eat healthy foods and exercise (yoga mostly) but I also eat eat other people eat. Only with moderation! Gone are the days when I fully and innocently stuffed my belly with foods like satay, or fried rice, noodles or pizza.

And drinking more water is one of the essentials in healthy life style. One can drink more water to heal at least one of these health disorders or ailments:

  1. Stroke and cardiovascular disesases: Water in a sufficient ammount is required to avoid clogging of brain and heart arteries.
  2. Infection: Drinking more pure water may boost one’s body immunity system efficiency to combat infection and cancer cells.
  3. Depression: Instead of alcohol, one can drink more water to stay sane. Water proves to be helpful in replenishing the supply of serotonin nervous transmitter.
  4. Sleeping disorders: Water is needed badly to produce melatonin, a natural sleeping regulator hormone.
  5. Fatigue: With more water on our body, the electric and magnetic energy in each of one’s cell is built. This naturally energizes us.
  6. Addiction: Water curbs several types of addiction, such as addiction to caffeine, alcohol, and a number of medicinal substances.
  7. Osteoporosis: Water helps us form stronger bones.
  8. Lack of concentration: The overly dehydrated brain cannot function well, which is why water should hydrate it in a regular basis to obtain more energy. With more energy absorbed by the grey cells, one can process and store more new information.
  9. Constipation: Drinking more water right after waking up in the morning may cause you feel bloated but then you’ll find it easier to excrete any bodily residue. With more water, your detoxification process in the morning runs more smoothly. And your body will thank you for hydrating him for the rest of the day.

Also, Batmanghelidj mentions some other diseeases too: asthma, alergy, hypertension, diabetes type 2, autoimmune syndrome.

To prevent all these diseases naturally with the help of water, Batmanghelidj recommends this water therapy. But of course please do not take the advice without consulting your physician first, especially if you develop one of systemic or terminal diseases or having special health conditions.

  1. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water (not syrup, juice, or any other beverages that you think it is just like pure water)
  2. Drink pure water 30 minutes before big meal. That prepares the intestines and the whole digestion system for processing foods.
  3. Drink anytime you feel thirsty
  4. Drink 2,5 hours after huge meal to help the digestion process and provide more water lost due to food processing.
  5. Drink pure water right after waking up in the morning.
  6. Drink pure water in a moderate amount some minutes before exercise
  7. Drink pure water to alleviate constipation naturally and those who don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables are strongly advised to drink more. Water in the morning is your natural yet effective laxative.

Still thinking that water is only water? Time to ponder.

7 responses to “9 Diseases (and Many More) that Drinking Water Can Prevent”

  1. I second you, water is really good for our body and skin. 2.5 litre per day and you will loose some kilos 🙂

    1. Skin or even weight loss is not my highest concern. LOL. I’m just focusing on being healthy. In and out 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Anytime! Thank you for commenting.

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