What Makes a Successful Post on Facebook?


Facebook insiders have uncovered the best tips for you, marketers and social media managers! As you can see up there, they show you the secrets which is no longer kept secretive.

The SVO rule perhaps the best and most concise advice we should take while crafting posts on Facebook on daily basis.


Keep it decent in length. Don’t be too short either. The ideal humber of characters (NOT WORDS)  in each post would be from 100 to 250. What I usually do is to keep it concise like what I write on Twitter, with a few additional characters if I feel like I have to. About the 60% higher rates of likes, comments and shares, I don’t really measure with utmost accuracy but yes I see some considerable difference.


Photos and videos are the best content you can use. Texts are good but don’t do as well as photos and videos. I prove this myself. When you post a lengthy post that looks way wordy, people will be likely to leave. On social media just like on the other parts of Internet, people’s attention span are usually much shorter. They want to grab more in much shorter time. They hurry and read a lengthy post is a waste of precious time.

There are 6 types of posts: posts (text only) , photos, videos, links, platform posts (posts published by means of 3rd party apps like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck which usually generate lower engagement) and questions. While I only saw lower reach and virality (only a meager 300 and 2,00 something) , I found photos and videos are always performing better. In my own case, videos are not better than text-based posts in terms of virality but when it comes to reach, videos show much higher. The best video sometimes reach more than 1,000 users while the best text-based posts only 200-300. And the virality for both text posts and videos are lower compared to photos. Photos are the best of all. Almost always reach more than 1000 users anytime I post it, go viral more wildly (my best virality is 12,84%).


Page Insights on your Admin Panel serves you right. Go to your panel as a page admin and look for “Insights” and click “See All”. Voila! You’ve got all the stats before you to analyze.  To get the best results, careful analysis is of course compulsory.

And because now both Facebook and Twitter start getting exclusive (by discriminating posts published by other platforms like Hootsuite), you had better stick to their official apps on mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablet PCs and their web version while on laptop or netbook.

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