Yoga is Likely to Enhance How Our Lungs Work

A new scientific study confirmed another health benefit which a yogi and yogini can reap from their regular practice of yoga. This time, our respiratory system thank you for doing yoga.

One can start seeing the improvement of their lungs functions after practicing approximately 10 weeks. Pranayama exercise (which requires you to breathe at a slower pace and deeper)  no doubt contribute to healthier lungs. Not only are lungs’ functions significantly improved by doing yoga, but the daily practice of it also boosts overall fitness and endurance, needless to say. Yoga also is known to be a great workout to lower heart rate and blood pressure due to the deep breaths taken throughout a session. That said, another yoga’s  benefit is of course controlling our body weight, something people long for.

The secondary study conducted by a group of researchers* examining data obtained by 10 other previosu studies indicated that yoga does make our lungs work better. The 10 studies examined showed the impact of yoga on lung function.



  1. Abel, AN, Lloyd LK, Williams JS. The Effects of Regular Yoga Practice on Pulmonary Function in Healthy Individuals: A Literature Review. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. doi:10.1089/acm.2011.0516.
  2. Natural Standard: The Authority on Integrative Medicine.

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