Snapshots of #Jakarta (Taken from My Instagram Collection)

That disgraceful moustache : It was printed on the wall calendar hung in the nearby mosque I frequent.

Despite the shameless rampant  racist black campaign, the incumbent lost to the new younger challenger Mr. Joko Widodo and Basuki Purnama a.k.a. Ahok, as indicated by some quick count results:
1. Quick Count LSI-TV One: Jokowi-Ahok 53,68%, Foke-Nara 46,32%.
2. Indo Barometer-Metro TV: Jokowi-Ahok 54,11%, Foke-Nara 45,89%.
3. LSI-SCTV: Jokowi-Ahok: 53,81%, Foke-Nara 46,19%.
4. Kompas: Jokowi-Ahok: 52,97 %, Foke-Nara 47,03%
5. MNC Media-SMRC: Jokowi-Ahok 52,63, Foke-Nara 47,37%.


After the incumbent, will the new administration be the next scapegoat of the traffic jam?

Some don’t even give it a damn, sadly.

What they call “development” is actually “demolition”. I still remember the government promised to move or replant the trees from these areas before the flyover project began. Can they tell me where those trees are now? Oh I forget how busy they are all with these political craps.

Not a slave,not yet a boss: You are most likely to find the middle class faces in Sudirman Central Business District in #jakarta . They are caught somewhere between the bottom of the food chain in the ecosystem (e.g. construction, manual workers) and the jetset. They might afford to buy an iPhone 5 in cash but need to save first before purchase.

Modern slavery: Construction workers in #jakarta start working. These men are mostly peasants in various rural poverty-ridden areas around Java. Once the project they work for is done, they go home and plant the paddy fields as the rainy season approaches in the end of year.


2 days before the gubernatorial election in #Jakarta


Approaching the gubernatorial election in #jakarta, I get so dumbfounded by all the debates, arguments and psywars. I am no Jakartan before the law so I have no right to cast a vote. But if I really have to vote, i will vote for both. Just for the sake of balance. and everyone’s happy.

Monas: The 51-year-old monument was officiated in 1975. It took 14 years to erect the 132 meter high landmark of Jakarta. Frederich Silaban and R. M. Soedarsono are the architects in charge of its one-of-a-kind design,which resembles a torch and flame. The golden flame at the top symbolizes the struggle of the opressed nation against the Dutch Colonial Regime. #landmarked


It is estimated that #Jakarta will have thousands more new inhabitants every year after Idul Fitri. These new comers are mostly those without adequate skills and knowledge, not to mention their lack of educational background. A trusted friend of mine recently went back from her hometown and told me some of the people she knew at home went to the capital to find jobs. And they are not alone. Each of these job seekers brings his own motorbike as well. Why am i not surprised to find these streets are always not wide enough to hold the maddening traffic???


“Toko Merah” (Red Store): A culturally preserved old building in #KotaTua #jakarta ,erected in 1730 in the initiative of General Governor of VOC 1743-1750, Gustaaf Willem Baron van Imhoff.




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