Direct,Hard Endorsement: One Easy Way to Lose on Social Media Battle

I still remember perfectly how an influential account with a cheesy handle on Twitter blatantly ‘promoted’ and ‘endorsed’ our incumbent Jakarta gubernatorial election candidate. This pseudonym account is very well known for its straight forward criticism. Just like @poconggg in its golden age, this account gather a lot of people in Jakarta and Indonesia. The issues it tweets generally touch on the conspiracy allegations of business titans and politicians around the archipelago. Some get really curious about this pseudo-named Twitter personae. Some speculated it is actually a person who used to be or even still exists in the inner part of the power center of the country. The depth of knowledge on various socio-political issues it shows is simply stunning. Apart from the validity of the ‘facts’ it serves to the public, its criticism and discussions skills are considered over the top. The account also sometimes uses its sense of humor and the young gorgeous woman photo it uses as the avatar gives a less intimidating image. But then again, who can make sure what its real intention of tweeting in that  provocative way? The government gave the words to closely watch these provoking pseudonym accounts but really, what can they do about it? Literally nothing, I must say.
And several days before the gubernatorial election, this pseudonym account smartly endorsed Foke-Nara by tweeting awesome things about them but of course that is such a waste of time. Jakartans on social media are smart, they knew the incumbent sucked, which is why you could read their raged tweets every time they get stuck in maddening traffic jams. They are too learned to realize what is behind the phoney ads. The candidates public debate even showed more the incumbent’s foolish acts and uncool attitudes. In short, social mediawise the incumbent had lost from the very beginning and the direct hard promotion made the incumbent suffer even more. They were hated by the Jakartans on Twitter at once. Then I came to conclusion that it might be a new method of conquering your social media foes. Well, that was a clever stunt, @TrioMacan2000!!!

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